Presbyterian Women

The Presbyterian Women (PW) of ARPC have always played a vast role in our church.

Presbyterian Women’s Circle Groups

From the beginning, God called women to be leaders and shapers of the faith community. The Presbyterian Women (PW) of Albemarle Road Presbyterian Church have always played a vast role in the life of our church. The primary focus of Presbyterian Women is threefold:

to nurture our faith through prayer and Bible study, to care for our church and community through supporting missions and mission projects, and to join together in Christian fellowship.

We also support our members throughout the year with prepared meals for families during illness and deaths, as well as visiting and caring for our homebound members and supporting and recognizing our high and college students.

2018 – 2019 Officers for PW

Moderator: Ginger Blackwelder

Vice Moderator/Spiritual Nurturer: Jan McReynolds

Secretary: Maggie Blackwelder

Treasurer: Martha Blackmon

Special Giving/Mission: Marilyn Michue

Moderator of Search: Robin Silipigni

Hostesses: Roxanne Hoots, Vickie Massey, Nichole Disser, Susan Culbreth

Circle Chairwomen

Circle #1 Maggie Blackwelder and Karen Sharpe

Circle #2 Marlene Howard and DeAnne McCorkle

Circle #3 Andrea Boggs and Barbara Garrison

Circle #4 Martha Blackmon and Emily Wilson

Circle #5 Nancy Parker and Becky Brown

Circle #6 Rosemary Nelson and Dana Baker

  • To request more information on joining a circle please use the connect card below