The Art of Neighboring

What if Jesus meant that we should love our actual neighbors?

Sunday October 6th (9 am service only)

“Taking the Great Commandment Seriously” 

Pastor Anne 

Acts 17:26-27, Luke 10:25-37

Sunday October 13th

“The Time Barrier” 

Rev. Casey Crimmons, 

Luke 8:1-15, 10:38-42, Mark 5:21-43

Sunday October 20th

“The Fear Factor”

Pastor Anne

Luke 5:27-32, 7:36-37

Sunday October 27th

Worship at 9 am

Chuck Baker will interview Pastors Philemon and Michael of our Mizo and Burmese congregations during the sermon in our worship service at 9 AM! How can we extend the hospitality of Jesus to our immigrant neighbors who re-settled into our church’s neighborhood? What is life like for them? Wear comfortable shoes! Why? Because…


Prayer Walk 10:15 am

At 10:15 we’ll head out in groups to take observe our neighbors. Who are they? What is the make up of the families living nearby – single moms with kids? large family units? What struggles do the children face? The adults?

What life lessons can we learn from our neighbors – as we form friendships with them? Let’s pray for them as we walk! Let’s ask: “How can we come alongside them to build friendships and sustainability - and to introduce them to Jesus?”


Food and Feedback 11:15 am

At 11:15 we’ll return to the church for “Food and Feedback!” What did we observe? What did we learn? How is the Spirit nudging us to obey the 2nd Great Commandment right where we decided to stay to worship and to make kingdom impact?


Not a walker? No worries! You can sit with a group in a car and observe the pedestrians who pass by. You can worship with our New Life Nepali congregation in the FLC! Perhaps we’ll drive a carload of folks to the Simmons Y and the two schools! Please pray for nice weather?! 


As we start to engage with our neighbors we want to make sure you have resources you need. First pray, pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you to reach out to your neighbors. Along with praying please refer to the links below to a Neighborhood Map and a Resource Guide.