2020 Officer Nominations

Elder Nominations Information and Form

The Nominating Ministry Team (NMT) is praying and discerning whom God is calling to serve as the next class of elders at ARPC. In the Presbyterian church, elders are people with spiritual maturity, godly character and leadership skills. Spiritual gifts and timing are key ingredients for determining one’s call. At ARPC, elders are called to lead specific Ministry Teams; therefore, aligning with one’s spiritual gifts for specific ministry areas is key. Of course, a sense of call from God and passion to serve are crucial.

The Nominating MT is accepting recommendations for Elder from the congregation through July 21. Elders are needed to lead the following Ministry Teams:

·      Worship

·      Property and Grounds

·      Evangelism & Hospitality

·      Personnel

·      Clerk of Session.

If you feel that God is leading you to one of these teams, or if you feel you know of someone with gifts in any of these areas, please fill out the form below. Paper forms will be available at church and can be mailed or dropped in the offering plate on July 7th, 14th or 21st.